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Meet the Board

A theater group needs more than talented people acting on stage to be successful; it needs talented people acting behind the scenes to keep it successful. For nearly 50 years, the Masquers Theater Company —a not-for-profit organization—has been fortunate to work with board members of all ages, genders, backgrounds and skill sets. Volunteers all, they assist with strategic planning, policy making, financial monitoring, fund-raising, marketing, and the hiring of production staff. They are the fiduciaries who steer our organization towards a sustainable future. If you have a desire to serve as a Masquers board member, it doesn’t matter if you know stage right from stage left. All we require is a desire to share your business, financial, community development or cultural arts savvy. Keep Masquers a vital component in our area’s quality of life. Drop us a note, ask questions, learn more. Contact us!

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